organic potatoes, Vital Veg Aberdeenshire

Newsletter 31st August 2015

On the Farm

Potatoes - We’ll soon be lifting our maincrop potatoes and these will go into storage to see you through until next April or May.  We don’t spray our potatoes with anything.  This means that we take the leafy tops off them when they begin to get blight, rather than spraying a fungicide.  We don’t spray any sprout-suppressants either, which means come April or May, there may be a few shoots appearing on the tatties, but you know that they are chemical-free.

Broccoli – You might find a brown patch in the centre of your broccoli.  This is a blemish caused by the crop cover rubbing slightly in the wind.  We use crop covers to protect the broccoli from root-fly and caterpillars, rather than spraying insecticides.  The chafed centre of the broccoli should be perfectly edible.  As always though, if you feel anything is not up to scratch, please let us know.