Organic courgettes grown by Vital Veg, Aberdeen

Environmental Policy

Our deliveries to your home, office or business mean you don’t have to drive anywhere to get your fruit and veg … just put your feet up, relax, and enjoy it when it arrives!

We use as little packaging as we dare! By delivering your fruit and veg in re-usable boxes, we can avoid most packaging, but we bag fruits that are easily bruised, and veg that lose water quickly, to keep them in tiptop condition.

Most of our fruit and veg is delivered to us by suppliers in returnable plastic crates, and the rest are recycled.

We recycle or compost 100% of our old wood, cardboard packaging, and paper.

We’ve planted over 30,000 native trees and over 1 km of mixed native hedges to soak up some CO2 and give wild birds safe places to perch and nest.

We’ve renovated a large pond for the frogs, toads and many mysterious aquatic beasties, and planted 11 acres (about 9 football pitches!) of wildflower meadow for the birds, butterflies and bees.

We support organic farming because we believe it’s best for the long-term fertility of the soil, best for building and maintaining biodiversity, best for the health and wellbeing of wildlife, our livestock and ourselves, best for the quality of our water supply, and because it uses less of the Earth's ever diminishing resources to produce top quality, nutritious food that tastes delicious!