Newsletter 2nd May

On the farm
The potatoes are planted! Just a few days later than planned, but they have gone into perfect ground. There are 10 varieties again – Colleen, Bambino, Nicola, Mayan Gold, Arran Victory, Setanta, Ambo, Orla, Pink Gypsy and Lady Balfour. This gives a nice mix of salad and general purpose potatoes, with a couple of specialties and a mix of colours. It also provides a mix of earlies and lates, and some that keep for a long time without sprouting.

Talking of sprouting, even our best keepers are now beginning to sprout. This is because the tubers have a clock inside them, telling them it is now time to grow. Non-organic growers use a chemical spray to stop the sprouts growing. We recommend that you simply knock them off before you cook the potatoes.

Elsewhere on the farm
The first cuckoo has been calling in our upper wood since yesterday, and the first swallows are busy making repairs to their nest. The bluebells not eaten by deer and badgers are beginning to flower, and look lovely alongside the primroses. It always seems like yet one more task when it comes to planting wildflowers, but the rewards are well worth the effort!

This weeks’ potatoes
This weeks’ potatoes are mostly Pink Gypsy, a red and white-skinned all-rounder. We might not have quite enough, so you could also get Nicola (a salad potato with white skin) or Setanta ( a red skinned all-rounder).