Newsletter 18th April 2022

On the farm
The annual job of mowing down the stalks of brassicas (cabbages, kales, broccoli, cauliflowers) that we planted last year has been delayed yet again by rain. I am hoping that I might be able to get the mower on the tractor this afternoon and finally get the job done. Then we can make the ground ready for the carrots that I am champing at the bit to sow. On the plus side the seeds will go into nice damp soil that has been warming, so they should get a great start! The trend over the last few years has been for a hot, dry April. This means the seeds sit and wait for rain. This year there should be no waiting, so perhaps they will catch up the few days delay in soil prep!

We have a few spring greens in our tunnels, and the first of these are heading out in large, basics and Jumbo boxes this week. There is still plenty of chard and true spinach. The purslane is coming to an end, with just one more flush in 7 to 14 days’ time. This will be replaced by lettuce, kohl rabi and radish. The outdoor chives are romping away, and are available to order as specials.

Elsewhere on the farm the leaves are bursting out, and the trees and hedges are getting a lovely green flush. We have been out planting lots of wildflowers, including a lot of beautiful marsh marigolds (Kingcups) along the edges of our ponds and ditches.

This weeks’ potatoes
This weeks’ potatoes are Ambo, a great all-rounder in the kitchen. The skins may be a little warty, but this will not affect the flavor or cooking qualities – just peel it away and you should be left with a fine potato.

Our March 2022 delivery of new cardboard boxes for your veg are up in cost to us by 45%! It really helps us keep our own prices stable if you can return our boxes regularly and in good condition – please wipe them clean and leave them out for us to collect when your next delivery is due. THANK YOU