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Newsletter 6th December 2021

On the farm
I am writing this on Monday evening, ahead of the first deep frost of the season. We are expecting a few hours at minus 6 °C tonight. Our vegetables are hardy, and all our plants in the tunnels and outdoors will cope fine with a short snap at this temperature, but it is hard on fingers and toes for those of us harvesting and packing orders!

While the veg are hardy, we can’t harvest frozen vegetables. It is physically impossible to get root veg out of the ground when it is deeply frozen. We just have to wait until it thaws, and then it is fine. Leafy veg wilts when the soil freezes. Left alone to thaw out on an intact plant the vegetables recover just fine, but if we harvest them wilted and frozen they turn into a mushy mess – not what the customer ordered!

We use horticultural fleece to keep frost off our tunnel crops. Even though we have insulated tunnels it is not enough to keep off the deep frost. The fleece really helps. We don’t use it outdoors because it gets wet and freezes hard, sometimes sticking to the crops. It gets covered with snow, and we can’t harvest the crops beneath it. Outdoors, and in the tunnels if it is really horribly cold, we just make sure that we harvest what we need before the temperature drops so that we are not caught

out on packing days. Sometimes it can be really busy in these short days as we race to pick all that has been ordered in the harvest windows. That rush does help to keep us warm at least!

This weeks’ potatoes
This weeks’ potatoes are Orla – a reliable variety that can be used for all sorts of dishes. Good baked, boiled, mashed or roasted.

Christmas break
It’s getting to be that time of year already! Christmas falls on a Saturday this year. We will be delivering up to Thursday 23rd December.

We will be closed week beginning 27th December and week beginning 3rd January for our annual holiday.

Deliveries begin again week beginning 10th January. If you are a fortnightly customer and you would like to swap weeks in the New Year please let us know.

The cost of cardboard is soaring. It really helps us keep our own prices stable if you can return our boxes regularly and in good condition – please wipe them clean and leave them out for us to collect when your next delivery is due. THANK YOU