Vital Veg, organic farm

Newsletter 3 May 2021

On the farm
Cold, cold, cold! But at least we have nice damp soil now with all this rain/sleet/hail! We are almost up to date with sowing our carrots and beetroots, along with outdoor chard – having managed to get a lot sown over the weekend before the deluge! We are, however, behind sowing our green manures, and also our wild bird food. These are sown for us by a contractor because we can’t justify buying our own drill for these crops on our small acreage. The contractor is behind – and hence so are we.

Farm life
I have posed a few short video snippets of the farm on our Instagram page. Here you can see some early morning mists in the veg field, and listen to some of the beautiful spring birdsong.

You will notice that the carrots this week are washed. These are bought in carrots as our own crop has finally come to an end. Thank you for putting up with some increasingly holey ones towards the end. It does make a big difference to us!

This weeks’ potatoes
This really is the last week of our own potatoes! As with last week there is a pot luck element as to the variety that you receive, unless you have ordered named varieties. We don’t have enough homegrown for everyone, so we do have some bought in Pink Gypsy from Skea Organics in Dundee this week (red and white skins, very nice flavor, slightly waxy).

Nominate us?
If you enjoy your veg box, and like what we do, could you consider nominating us for the BBC Food and Farming Awards? Following on from our entry into the Finest Farm Woodland awards a few weeks ago we are buoyed with enthusiasm for competitions. We were runners up to Yeo Valley in the BBC Food and Farming awards way back in 2008, and perhaps it is time to have another go at the Title! We are a modest little business, cropping less than 5 acres of veg in any one year. But from that land we reckon that we feed about 400 people every week for 50 weeks a year come rain, snow or shine. We are unusual in this part of the country in that we grow most of the vegetables in our veg boxes ourselves, rather than buying them from wholesalers. Alongside people, we help feed an increasing amount of wildlife too! Learn more about us on our website and social media. If you would like to give us your vote you can do so here (by 17th May):

We have just been told that the price of our cardboard boxes is going up by 7.5%. It really helps us keep our own prices level if you can return our boxes in good condition – please wipe them clean and leave them out for us to collect when your next delivery is due. THANK YOU