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Newsletter 11th June 2018

On the Farm
Still dry, but much cooler and very misty some mornings this week here on the farm.  On the plus side we are well ahead with our weeding programme for the outdoor crops, and all the early sown and early planted crops are doing great.  The late sown carrots and beetroots are patchy. There is not much we can do about the carrots, but we still have time to sow beetroots in modules that we can use to fill in any gaps – so that’s a job to add to this week’s list!

We have cleared all the benches (42!) out of the nursey tunnel, and this week we will be planting it up with celery and salads.  Getting the timing right is tricky (and another reason why we’d like a better crystal ball for seeing ahead on such things!). We don’t want the tunnel part filled with module trays and not growing any veg to harvest at this time of year – so we try to get all the plants out of the nursery tunnel in one go in the end so that we can plant the whole area.  We have space in our largest tunnel for the module trays that we need to sow continually each week to keep our tunnels replenished as you eat your way through them!


Greenfly  Apologies if you have recently received leafy veg with rather a lot of additional protein in the form of greenfly!  We don’t use any sprays on our farm and rely instead on natural predators to control greenfly.  These are ladybirds, ladybird larvae plus certain native parasitic wasps and midges (specific for greenfly).  It takes a little while for the population of these helpers to rise to the level where they get the greenfly under control.  The hot weather boosts the rate at which the greenfly multiply, so some parts of the tunnels have quite a lot of greenfly right now.  We do shake off the greenfly, and leave out any leaves that we think have too many greenfly – but sometimes these little passengers sneak through to your boxes.  Just wash them off, or if you feel that there are too many, let us know and we will credit you for anything that you don’t want to eat.

See some pictures and videos of the farm
I hope that you enjoy reading about the farm in these newsletters.  We like to give you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes in filling your boxes with veg every week.  If you want to see pictures we put new ones up on our facebook page regularly.  Have a peek if you have not already done so!