Organic leeks, Vital Veg Aberdeenshire

Newsletter 4th December 2017

On the farm
We are glad to see the back of the snow, which always makes jobs on the farm slower than usual.  A big thanks to Tom who turns out in all weathers to deliver your veg, and to the harvest and pack teams who brave the cold getting everything out of the field and into the veg bags each week.  

With the rapid snow melt has come the mud, which has seen a few wellies almost lost in the field already this week!  It also means some of the veg is a little more muddy than usual.  A top tip for dealing with muddy leeks – slice the whole leek in half and run it under the tap to dislodge any gritty bits that have got between the leaves.  Much better to do this than to risk serving up unexpectedly crunchy leeks!

We have our fingers crossed that the weather dries a bit because it is time to ridge up the carrots to protect the tops from frost (frost and ice without snow are much worse than snow itself!).  The carrots often push themselves out of the ground a bit, and these bits can get frosted.  When the leafy tops are still vibrant these offer protection to the carrot.  So, we don’t ridge up (cover with soil) until the carrot tops have stopped growing because we don’t want to stop the lovely carrots themselves from becoming a good size.  But it is time now – so dry weather please!

Stuck for Christmas present ideas?  Consider a Vital Veg voucher for friends and family (as long as they are in our delivery area!).  Simply add a voucher to your own order, and then let us know who you would like to receive it. We will do the rest!

Christmas and New Year delivery dates
We take a two-week break to re-charge our batteries over the festive season.  Last deliveries for 2017 (eek!, already?!) will be Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st December.  First deliveries of 2018 will start week beginning 8th January.  

If you are a fortnightly customer please take a look at a calendar and let us know if you want to change weeks to receive an earlier delivery after the break, as those of you with deliveries the week before Christmas will not be due another delivery until week beginning 15th January.

If you would like extra veg for Christmas to feed family and friends then the last date for orders is 17th December.  If you want anything that we buy in (fruits, mushrooms, eggs), the earlier you can let us know the safer – otherwise we need to rely on our slightly hazy crystal ball to place our order with our suppliers at noon on 13th December.