Organic potatoes, Vital Veg, Aberdeenshire

Newsletter 24th July 2017

On the farm
The veg field is looking wonderful at this time of year!  This week we are sending out the first of our home-grown tatties in some of the bags – next week everyone will have our own!  The first out of the field is a variety called Colleen – and very tasty it is too.  This will be followed by Nicola, Lady Balfour, Arran Victory, Cara and Ambo, which will hopefully see us through until April next year.  The weather has been great for the potatoes, and this is the earliest we have harvested home grown tatties.  To bridge the gap between using up the last of our own and the new season crop we buy in from growers in England and Wales who benefit from an earlier season.

This week sees the first few cauliflowers in some of the veg bags along with the beautiful Romanesco.  If you want to be sure to have one of these you can add one to your order using our online shop – they are available for a limited time only, and when they are gone they are gone, so keep having a peek in the shop.

Plastic bags
We are searching for an alternative to plastic bags for the leafy veg, and also for the liner that all your veg arrive in.  So far we have drawn a blank.  There are some starch – based bags, but few are food grade, and those that we tested in the past do not keep the leaves fresh.  The Soil Association used to supply starch bags many years ago, but sadly they were so unfit for purpose that the Soil Association stopped selling them and have not found a replacement.  Our contacts in the Organic Growers Alliance (a network of about 200 UK growers) have also drawn a blank.  If such bags were available we’d expect to see them in the big supermarkets – they fact that they are not there is indicative of how hard it is to source them.  Please be assured that we are not giving up, and will keep on searching.  Surely someone will manufacture them soon!  If you know of anything, please do get in touch.