Couch grass at Vital Veg organic farm Aberdeenshire

Newsletter 5th October 2015

On the Farm
Phew – we just managed to get our late green manures sown before the weather is set to break   It has been a Herculean, but wise task to remove the couch grass first.  It causes a lot of problems for us, making looking after the vegetables and harvesting them more difficult.  We decided to try a different approach this year – in the past we have taken the couch grass off the field for composting.  This year we have left it in the field, but put it into long rows which we will cover with black plastic to compost.  Hopefully it will rot down enough so that we can incorporate it, and all the nutrients it contains, back into the soil for the next crop.  Fingers crossed!

Now that the weather is cooling rapidly we can at last reduce some of our outdoor work – all except harvesting of course!  This goes on every week whatever the weather.  We never drive the tractor through the crops because we don’t want to damage the soil.  That means quite a lot of walking!  No need to go to the gym when you work on a veg farm 